Review By Paul Skjordal On Moshpit Magazine


Witness The Slaughter Rituals This Spring!

Based out of Buffalo, New York these guys hit the scene upon the Jagermeister: Summer of Sin Tour, & Kittie‘s Funeral For Yesterday Tour promoting their debut self titled full length album.

The bands radio version of the track titled Suffering is an excellent example of the sweat, blood & tears this band puts forth when producing their art! I find that the trend lately within mainstream media has exiled the sound of our beloved dark metal genre’s from the airwaves.

Skinbound is breaking that barrier!

With all that stated, by the time a band can produce something for mainstream media that will play on public radio and still serenade us with our passion for the underground with the rest of the album, they’ve got our attention here at Moshpit Magazine!

-More importantly it’s proof within the pudding that the band is hard at work, doing whatever it takes to be heard while staying rooted with who they are!

Skinbound Is Coming Near You Soon!

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